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Around half of all couples decide to create a gift list. There are certainly positives and negatives, either way. For example, requesting specific items avoids the risk of receiving hordes of unwanted objects, although you may miss out on more personal, sentimental offerings. With the majority of couples living together before marriage, the idea of giving gifts for the new home has become almost redundant, making it more difficult to choose a suitable present. That’s where the following services come into play, with a variety of options on hand to suit all tastes and budgets.

  • Prezola – This is the UK’s number one wedding gift company, which makes it really easy to produce a wish list from the 30,000 top brand items available. Viewing and selecting a present is equally simple, and cash deposits are also an option. All purchased products are delivered to your home after the wedding, free of charge.
  • Buy Our Honeymoon – Whilst some couples still feel awkward about asking their guests for money, if they are saving for a particular event, for example, their dream holiday, invitees are usually more than willing to contribute. Websites such as “Buy Our Honeymoon,” provide a stress free process for gathering funds towards a once in a lifetime getaway.
  • Recipe Gift Book – This wonderful twist on generic gift lists encourages family and friends to create their own recipe book, complete with photos and personal messages. It is perfect for couples who share a passion for food and are seeking a unique personalised keepsake.
  • Amazon – Read reviews, and choose from thousands of goodies from electronics to bed linen to sports equipment. Create a gift register in minutes, and enable your guests to select their contribution with ease. Amazon also operates a handy “Universal Wish List” feature, which allows you to add desired items to your inventory from other websites.

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