Choosing the perfect wedding dress is arguably the biggest decision the bride has to make, which consequently requires its own dedicated article. The groom is often largely neglected, although a great suit will really set you off as a couple. And with menswear, it’s all about the fit. A cheaper yet impeccably cut suit will beat an expensive, ill-fitting outfit any day of the week.

Bridesmaids, Best Man and Ushers

It is generally accepted that in the UK, the couple pay for all the garments of their bridal party, although this is of course, subject to personal taste and budget. As the bride and groom are expected to foot the bill, they have the authority to make the decisions in regards to colours, length, and fabrics. However, with friends and family coming in all shapes and sizes, it’s a good idea to allow your bridesmaids some leeway. by perhaps letting them choose their preferred style or neckline.

Deciphering Dress Codes

Guests also have a significant role to play in the overall wedding vibe, and are commonly advised as to the dress code through the invitations. The following guidelines should offer some advice on how to crack the wedding dress code.

  • White Tie – This rarely applies unless you are attending a Royal wedding, and requires the most formal attire imaginable, including tail coats for men and ball gowns with gloves for the ladies.
  • Black Tie – A tuxedo with a bow tie and black leather shoes are a must for men, and women can choose between a full length ball gown or a classy cocktail dress.
  • Black Tie Optional or Formal – Male guests are able to wear a tuxedo if they wish, although it isn’t mandatory. Females should adorn a long gown or cocktail dress.
  • Smart/Casual – This is where things get a bit tricky. Casual is not an invitation to wear your jeans and trainers! Women can get away with smart trousers or a skirt and a top. Men should still wear a shirt and jacket, but can leave the tie at home.