The simple act of uniting two loved ones is celebrated the world over, although different cultures and religions use a variety of unique traditions to commemorate a marriage. Western society instantly recognises the age old throwing of the bridal bouquet, and the pivotal breaking of the glass at Jewish ceremonies. However, wedding customs come in all deviations, with the following list offering an insight into some of the world’s most fascinating nuptial conventions.


Whilst many brides in the UK are switching to an evening gown after the official ceremony, women in China generally go through three costume changes on the day of their wedding. Vivid red features dominantly, with phoenixes and dragons emblazoned onto outfits to encourage luck and happiness.


The marrying couple almost always walk down the aisle together, as a display of equality and a rejection of the sexist notion of a man giving a woman away to another man. It is also common for other guests to line up and steal kisses from the bride and groom when one of them leaves the room.


Massai wedding tradition involves the father of the bride spitting on his daughter’s head and chest as she leaves with her husband, in an attempt to fortify their good fortune. She must not look back for fear she may turn to stone.


Renowned for their colour and grandeur, Indian weddings are preceded by a special event, in which the bride and her female relatives have their hands and feet decorated with henna in intricate designs to symbolise joy and beauty.


Argentinians certainly like to leave it late. Most wedding ceremonies begin at 9 o’clock in the evening! After a brief ceremony, guests descend upon an almighty party and celebrate until the early hours. It is customary to prepare a breakfast for friends and family to conclude proceedings with a hearty meal before bed.