Styling a wedding can be a fun process involving plenty of creativity, with themed weddings really pushing the boundaries of originality and design. Sharing a passion for a particular era, hobby, location, and everything in between, can be incorporated into the wedding plans to great effect, and can create an unforgettable occasion like no other for both you and your partner, and all your guests.

The Sky is the Limit

Deciding on a unique theme can really showcase your personalities as a couple. Basing your wedding day on your favourite TV show, film, sport or pastime, will bring a new level of individuality that will surprise and entertain your family and friends. From a basic colour scheme to an all-out Wizard of Oz fest, the options really are endless as long as you pick a subject that you both adore and can execute perfectly.

How to do it

Ask for help. People are always eager to give their opinion, so enlist your friends and encourage them to offer thoughts and suggestions in regards to your theme, particularly if you are organising the event without a professional planner. Introduce your idea initially with your dates or wedding invitations to prepare guests for any expected attire. Tailor your venue to suit your needs; for example, choose a castle or stately home for a fairy tale wedding or a natural, garden setting to make your Lord of the Rings dream become a reality. Finally, adjust your favours, flowers, menu, cake, decorations etc., accordingly, to complete your wedding fantasy.


Research the most popular or unusual options to gather some inspiration during the planning process. Recent hits include: vintage, rustic, garden, beach and simple colour themes. Perhaps venture a little further and astound your guests with a superhero party, a Star Wars saga, or even a safari extravaganza.