The first major decision you will make as an engaged couple is the selection of your wedding venue. The size, location and style of your choice will have a huge impact on the rest of your arrangements, affecting the budget, guest list, menu, and a range of other details that will contribute to you special day. Check out the following tips for aiding your process and ensuring you elect the perfect fit for you and your loved one.

Be Prepared

Most venues will have not only a maximum capacity, but also a minimum count, so make sure you have a good estimate of numbers before you begin your search. Also keep your approximations on the low side, as it’s easier to add on guests at a later date than remove them. The budget is equally as important, as the last thing you need is to fall in love with a location you can’t afford. Peruse websites or blogs from photographers to get an idea of what an actual wedding looks like at potential venues, and contact places before visiting to check availability.

Venturing Out

Arrange appointments with an official representative who can help answer all your questions. Take along a pen and paper, or add a note on your mobile, to keep information fresh in your mind, and snap some photos during the tour. Whatever you do, don’t settle on the first venue you see. Visit at least three different locations to compare styles, settings, and even value for money.

Other Considerations

Combining the marriage locale with the reception makes sense logistically, as you can avoid arranging transportation between the two sites. If the venue has a limited number of rooms available for overnight lodgings, research local hotels and accommodation to get a feel for prices and distances. Also remember to create a contingency plan for outdoor weddings, even in the height of summer, and particularly for locations within the UK.