It’s no secret that organising a wedding can be incredibly stressful; contacting services, deciding on a guest list, and arranging every last detail can seriously take the excitement out of your wedding plans. The important thing is to think ahead, keep it simple, and ask for help with the following suggestions.

Budget Basics

The average cost for a UK wedding is a whopping £25,000. Whilst this figure may seem unreachable for many, it’s vital to remember that there are venues and services out there to suit all budgets. First discuss with your partner how much you are both willing to spend and with family members, notably parents, who are willing to share some of the costs.

Guest List

Once you have a rough financial estimate, start making a list of the friends and family members that you want to share your special day with. Regardless of the type of wedding you have in mind, the number of guests you invite will have a dramatic impact on your budget. If you are struggling to eliminate names and keep your expenditure down, consider an adult only wedding, or remove those on the list you are only inviting out of guilt. Remember that the day belongs to you and your partner, so don’t feel bad about making some ruthless decisions!


Choosing a setting is generally the biggest decision in the wedding planning process, and can contribute to a huge chunk of your budget. If you are considering enlisting a professional planner, do so before you decide on your venue. It’s also advisable to contact each potential location via email or phone to check whether your preferred date is available, before heading out for a visit.

Time to Organise

After selecting a date and venue, a myriad of ensuing details need to be taken care of, from printing the invitations to hiring a photographer to booking a honeymoon. Check out the following pages for tips on how to make your wedding a day to cherish.